Meander refers not solely to the winding course of a river or road. It also alludes to gadding about and thus discovering the world in a new way, leaving preconceived ideas far behind.
This artist book shows an intimate discourse and is an attempt to connect the viewer with his or her intimate life. Every page offers a frank experience. This boldness is also visible in the graphic technique applied. The lithographic traces, strokes or washes are prominent. The drawing stands literally on top of the matters that it aspires to describe or evoke. The images are willfully not immediately translatable in language: Meander for being liberated from known or previously absorbed concepts.

Meander: Artist Book - color stone lithograph on Rives BFK paper - size 30,5 x 20,5 cm (closed) - 32 pages - jacket 2 color stone lithograph on smooth, wavy laid Zerkall paper - edition of 12 and 1 H/C - Joris Martens 2015 - €360

Acquired by the Museum of Modern Art New York (MoMa).

on view at Kaleid Editions