drawing in dialogue with nature

Joris Martens at work in Munich

Joris Martens at work in Munich




Joris Martens works with various media, the core of which is drawing. Lithography is his favorite medium for advanced mark making. By drawing and printing, he evokes seemingly effortless day to day life’s mute complexity. Furthermore his works on paper give birth to paintings, wall paintings, glass objects, installations, animation films..but also to industrial products and designs as textiles and wallpapers. 

Joris Martens is looking for a deeper experience and consciousness in which communication and unison is central. Drawing is a way for Joris Martens to be present in the moment and to record the experience at the same time, disregarding existing conventions. Works on paper are in his view tools to reach the other: The viewer becomes a participant within an architecture or play of internalization and is invited to give meaning. Change is continuous..


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