Light comes through


It’s that moment of the year when time seems to stretch for the days are becoming longer again. Digital clocks were five minutes behind because of an electricity current failure somewhere in the Balkan. Did we notice that? 

Imagine to have lived in the middle ages, when time was solely depending on the planet’s day and night shifts. In winter the hours were dramatically shorter than they were lived in summer.

The hours tick away digitally in my studio while I am carving my wood blocks. The excitement of pulling the first print generously compensates for the labour involved in this time-consuming proces. With these fresh woodcut designs I propose dark shades -ton sur ton - with sparkling colours coming through. The non-definable colours are interesting to tweak sportswear or to supply for refined furniture coverings. 


My intensively processed, yet simple looking designs -first drawn, then cut and at last printed - wish to inspire you.